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Rotary kiln burner

  • Product:Rotary kiln burner
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  • Origin:China
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Most of the burners of the rotary kiln pass through the kiln head cover, extend into the kiln head, and heat the material to the required temperature through flame and radiation. Burners have various forms such as coal injection pipes, oil spray guns, gas nozzles, etc., depending on the type of combustion. When the reaction temperature is low, a combustion chamber is set beside the kiln head cover to pass hot flue gas into the kiln to supply heat.
Power range: 200~20000kW
Single burner adaptation: 500~10000t/d production line
Applicable fuel:
pulverized coal, blue charcoal, rice bran. Can be designed as dual-purpose type for pulverized coal and natural gas, dual-purpose type for pulverized coal and diesel
Product Characteristics:
1. large heat transfer area, high thermal efficiency
2. high handling ability, suitable for the continuous operation
3. low drying temperature, simple operation, easy to use
4. The gas is only used to transfer the volatile component, little amount of gas is used, and the dust removal system is simple.
5. High efficiency of the airtight system, extremely suitable for the recycling of organic solvents such as ethane.
Basic parameters of Rotary kiln burner;
Rotary kiln burner
Rotary kiln burner

Material to be dried:
1. Applicable for drying big particles, heavy particles in chemical, mining, and metallurgy, such as mining area, cinder of blast furnace, coal, powder of metal, phosphate fertilizer and thiamine.
2. For drying the powder or particles with special requirements, such as H P foaming blowing agent, residule of alcohol, light calcium carbonate, active clay, magnetic powder , graphite, and residue of medicine.
3. For materials to be dried under low temperature and large lot continuous production.

Rotary kiln burner