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Zhengzhou Bona Heat Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is an innovative technology enterprise, which is focusing on the production, R & D and technical consulting services of burners, burner accessories, hot air furnace, and boiler related products. 

Zhengzhou Bona Heat Energy Equipment Co., Ltd upholds the development and innovation consciousness, produces products with high-performance combustion technology.

Main Products: 
Gas Burner;
Oil Burner(Diesel/Light Oil Burner, Heavy Oil Burner);
Dual Fuel Burner(Diesel/Light Oil or Gas, Heavy Oil or Gas);
Multi Fuel Burner;
Low NOx Burner;
Coal Burner;
Rotary Kiln Burner;
Asphalt Mixing Plant Burner;
Hot Air Furnace, etc.
Applicable Industries: 
1. Cement and Mining: rotary kiln equipment, drying application.
2. Energy: boiler equipment, hot air furnace / hot blast stove.
3. Metal: steel, aluminum, copper, forging and heat treatment equipment.
4. Petroleum and Natural Gas: petrochemical furnaces, oil refinery, oil and gas plant process equipment (tracer, industrial burner).
5. Asphalt Mixing Plant, Incinerator, Foundry Machinery, Industrial Stoves, and other thermal machinery supporting equipment.