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How to reduce impurities at the blast furnace gas combustion

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Blast furnace gas burners are widely used in the iron and steel enterprises waste heat boilers, drying furnace, furnace, hot stove, industrial kilns and other areas such as recycling, in line with national environmental requirements. With the view of how to reduce impurities at the blast furnace gas combustion device
	How to reduce impurities at the blast furnace gas combustion

How to reduce impurities at the blast furnace gas combustion device
Blast furnace gas burners in the CO content is generally twenty-five percent - 30 percent in order to avoid excessive levels of CO in the air, must adhere to strict gas equipment. Means equipment blast furnace gas should arrive outlaw severe pressure test specification, place a long time before again from scratch if used, shall repression leak again, confessed pipe, the ability to switch to close the blast furnace gas heating equipment. Daily cleaning operations, the exchange should also keep fuel cock, when checking for water seal should also observe, uphold full flow conditions, the regenerator closure wall, inspections and work closely with the United acceptance at small flue should always be. Blast furnace gas burners. Reduce blast furnace gas burner blocking measures implemented: to improve the quality of gas, reducing gas impurity is necessary to increase or improve the quality of coal dust purification equipment, but it is necessary to have a large capital investment. We only need to reduce an impurity at the blast furnace gas combustion, so we consider using a crude pipe in the lower end of the straight pipe section of the gas mains, use of centrifugal force, gravity to the bottom of the impurity accumulation conduit, to clean up the impurities during shutdown. Transformation of the swirl vanes, the two groups connected in series to a set of swirl vanes from the original wheel, the number of impeller blades on each swirl from the original 18 is reduced to nine, two impeller vanes Interpolation equipment, spacing interval of 20cm. The use of boiler repair given the opportunity to create a new burner with stainless steel to withstand high temperatures 0Gr18Ni9. Against oxidative its temperature reaches 850 ℃, function also strong against corrosion, to avoid the effect of increasing the adhesion of impurities due to corrosion of the burner swirler vanes presentation pits. Additional blade of the burner blast furnace gas cyclone vapor purge devices, vapor purge stream header withdrawn from the boiler superheater, introduced to the furnace after the furnace to the upper corners, each corresponding to a purging apparatus swirler vanes, blowing sweep apparatus by the steam pipes, electric valves, steam jets composition, from the high-speed blow steam purge port, the use of high temperature and high pressure and kinetic energy "to bake softening, after purging," to remove contaminants accumulated. Once every half purge, purge when using the first sparse plumbing pipe, by spraying only way to clean the burner layer by layer, only to exit the burner tip and then clear the vote. When work adjustment, investment and blast furnace gas boiler burners burning cast layer by layer, to avoid a multi-layer burner and put into operation, the valve opening is too small to save the transformation results in increased gas flow rate low impurity accumulation.