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Blast furnace gas burners operating procedures and operating

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Blast furnace gas burner production process required oil heating, but the existing producer gas with water and a lot of tar, imported burner can not run. We find a lot of domestic manufacturers can not solve this problem. Then the blast furnace gas burners operating procedures and operating principles
	Blast furnace gas burners operating procedures and operating

Blast furnace gas burners operating procedures and operating principles
Blast furnace gas emission burners burning processes and operating principles. When the blast furnace gas emission requirements, the combustion process system according to the following sequential operations: open when a high pressure blast furnace gas relief valves (the valve control system is not within this range), the open confessed, 2 seconds delay, the system recommended combustion equipment, high pressure equipment arcing operations, blast furnace gas lit, beginning repercussions catalytic combustor, combustion equipment operations successively, with the combustion flame detection is successful, the point of blast furnace gas; blast furnace gas continues to burn. If successfully detected without burning the combustion process enter the second time, as many times not lit, the alarm system is about to look for combustion defeat shortcomings. After cleaning disadvantage of the combustion process from scratch is recommended. When the blast furnace gas emission successive combustion operation of the combustion system, according to the following sequential process operations: the operation instruction system announces, blast furnace gas emission valves closed, the nitrogen line electric valve open, the introduction of a nitrogen purge blast furnace gas emission main duct 30 seconds (adjustable) after blocking, the torch stopped; the entire blast furnace gas emission combustion process ends. Job blast furnace gas burner principle: when the blast furnace gas emission control system receives a signal, the signal is first sent to the high voltage power 220V ion generator, the high voltage generator, high voltage 20KV scheduled delivery, after high temperature and high withstand voltage leads to the elevator lift arc generator occurs arc plasma occurs, the blast furnace gas after mixing with the air within the cavity height of the burner with the meeting point. Catalytic reaction chamber interlock occurs, the upper chamber from the catalytic combustion flames, the emission point of the blast furnace gas. The use of blast furnace gas burner demanding. Blast furnace gas burner is a blast furnace for iron and steel enterprises produced exhaust and planning, the use of arbitrary pressure, hot blast furnace exhaust arbitrary value, end the automatic combustion and other functions. Hot gas heat source is a heating apparatus (boiler, industrial furnace, etc.), special equipment for the end of the hot gas combustion process. Action is based on a certain percentage and mixing conditions must be hot combustion gas and combustion air is introduced into the burner or combustion in the heating apparatus, and to meet the flame direction, shape, rigidity and spreadability of the process heating requirements. It aims to wide groups, there are boilers, smelting furnace, furnace, heat treatment and other fields, and energy-related jobs, combustion system is essential.