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High efficiency, low nitride, is the development direction o

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In the daily use process, the maintenance of the gas burner is certainly unable to use gas as a burner of the fuel? To see high efficiency, low nitride, is the development direction of the burner
	High efficiency, low nitride, is the development direction o

High efficiency, low nitride, is the development direction of the burner
Jinshan silver is not as good as green water! China's protection of the environment is unprecedented. For enterprises, high-performance enterprises, low emissions, and low pollution are the requirements of modern society. However, for most companies, combustion is a heat source source of production and processing, but due to high costs due to energy prices and loss of conversion efficiency, the combustion will be such as the main form of enterprises such as boilers. However, the first-rate combustion control is still more, the first request: That is low nitrogen, nitrogen as a comprehensive exhaust gas representative, the state has a clear demand for emissions, so low nitrogen on combustion requirements On the upper nitrogen burner. As a combustion control and occurrence of combustion control, it has been replaced in recent years. At present, the current low nitrogen burner can be reached after the transformation can meet the relevant emissions requirements. After low nitrogen satisfaction, then the conversion of combustion efficiency, we all know that the raw materials of the burner are currently divided into: gas, fuel, methanol, for example, for example, the gas burner, etc. The presentation is currently based on the gas burner. The combustion efficiency finally determines the production of thermal energy, the same fuel, and high combustion efficiency can save costs. This calculation formula does not have to say more. Then the increase in combustion efficiency is mainly from the form of combustion, and the degree of mixing of oxygen is the main factor that determines the high combustion efficiency. Therefore, while Qingshan Green Water, while satisfying low nitridation, efforts to upgrade the structure of the burner, lift the combustion efficiency, and further reduce the emissions while saving fuel costs. Want to learn more combustor information, please pay attention