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Talking about the Fuel Type of Fur Gosses and Solutions in t

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Fuel, gas is the two types of motivation that is now in many cases, and their widely used makes the fuel burner and gas burner also use the use of more categories, then talk about the fuel species of the burner and the occurrence of the tab. Solution
	Talking about the Fuel Type of Fur Gosses and Solutions in t

Talking about the Fuel Type of Fur Gosses and Solutions in the Phenomenon of Phenomenon
Low nitrogen burners mainly apply fuel types: fuel: light oil (including diesel and kerosene), heavy oil, residue, etc. Solid fuel: biomass particles, sawdust, wood powder, etc. Gas: natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas gas (coal methane), biogas, methanol and other six categories. Among them, the artificial gas, that is, urban gas gas gas, biogas, etc., is a large difference in ingredients and heat values ​​due to raw materials and formation. When the resistance and the phenomenon of the burner, (generally due to the excessive length of the particles), it is necessary to use a wooden stick, do not use wire, steel, to prevent the roller to cause the screw damage. In order to ensure the safety of biomass burner, it is necessary to operate according to the following operation method: 1, before the burner starts, clean the furnace ridge carbon, clean the bottom of the furnace, add particulate fuel, turn off the tank Cover, open the sound valve; 2. Open the use of equipment power, check whether the circuit is normal, check if the cooling pool is sufficient. The solution of the phenomenon of the card is opened. The combustion machine cooling water into the water valve, the combustion machine has a resistance and confirmed that the high temperature combustion chamber sandwich cooling water is filled; (Eg, diesel) and low nitrogen burner (such as waste oil) officially ignite, lightly open the door to give the wind, close the gates, start the feeding system, gradually adjust the airborne position to the appropriate amount. Feed speed and air supply should be gradually increased, and it is not adviser to accelerate so fast so that the temperature of the furnace is rising.