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Problems exist after transformation of low nitrogen combusti

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The fuel burner is relatively high in the current industrial production. It is thus so that the fuel burner is sought after, then what should I pay attention to when using a diesel burner? Detailed understanding of the problems of the application of low-nitrogen combustion technology for fuel burner safety technology (3)
	Problems exist after transformation of low nitrogen combusti

Problems exist after transformation of low nitrogen combustion technology (3)
After the application of low-nitrogen combustion technology, there is a problem in the four points of the two news. The following small series introduces the last two points: high temperature corrosion in the upper water and cold wall area of ​​low nitrogen burners, the superniparator produces a low nitrogen combustion technology High temperature corrosion phenomenon of boiler water-cooled wall is more prominent on rolling and "W" flame combustion boiler, mainly in the burner area of ​​water-cooled walls, with a strong reducing atmosphere such as NO, H2S, etc., and the oxygen content of the combustion region is below 2%. A large number of NOs, due to low nitrogen combustion, it is necessary to increase NO production, exacerbate high temperature corrosion of the water-free wall region. The combustion boiler is reduced in the case where the total air is not changed, and the secondary air volume is reduced, resulting in the lack of oxygen in the coal powder, and the primary wind is delayed, so that the furnace is pulverized. The combustion process is long, the center of the furnace flame is moved, the corresponding furnace exit smoke increases, the ingredients of the unabled buning are strongly mixed with the airflow to the upper region and the combustion wind, etc., which starts severe combustion in this area, resulting in this area temperature High, easy to cause overheater over temperature, coking and shading. 6. After the adaptability of the boiler coal, after the modification of low nitrogen burners, after combustion optimization adjustment, it can make NOx emissions and boiler economies better, but the boiler fuel-based coal has changed. The balance between the original boiler economic indicators and environmental indicators is broken, such as: high-calorie value, high-default division, NOx emission concentrations have increased slightly but more easily adjustable control, also accompanied by burner spray portability, The superheater is easy to maintain, overheating and water temperature increase is increased. When combustion of inferior coal or moisture is large, NOx emission concentration is slightly low, but the adjustment control is difficult, especially the upper burner coal quality When poor, the heater is over temperature and the temperature is significantly increased. Low-nitrogen burner manufacturers are above the low-nitrogen burner manufacturers to make a problem after the application of low-nitrogen combustion technology, I hope to help everyone. If you have questions about the above or you want to know more about information, you can make a call or understand it through the official website.