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Flame combustion heating furnace characteristics and heating

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The highlight of the gas burner is energy saving, safe and technology, burner manufacturers take you detailed understanding of flat flame combustion furnace characteristics and heating process description
	Flame combustion heating furnace characteristics and heating

Flame combustion heating furnace characteristics and heating process description
1 / furnace-type feature heating furnace is divided into three sections of a heating section, a heating section, and a preheating section, and a single-sided heating, a preheating section can also be heated to meet various temperature systems required by the process. The flame burner is placed on the top, ensuring that the furnace is normal. The heating furnace top is flat in the lower inclination angle of the furnace. A partition wall and aquatic beam are disposed between the heating section and the heating section, the heating section, and the preheating section to facilitate segmentation control furnace temperature and furnace pressure. With anhydrous cold and cold steel tank, the material is zirconum stone, and wear resistance. The flue gas generated in the furnace, except from the side of the furnace, and passes through the air to heat the air to 300 ° C, which is discharged from the furnace. 2 / Heating Process Description The billet that needs to be heated is lifted onto the upper platform through the upper mechanism, and the inverted bottom heating furnace is rolled through the upper mechanism. As the furnace is hot, the blank is baked. The billet gradually rolls through the preheating section, the heating section, the heat section, the temperature and temperature difference from normal temperature to the rolling process. The blanks waiting for the discharge opening are insulated from the flame burner. When the discharge is discharged, the bomb door is opened, and the blank is pushed into the discharge roller with a steel machine. When the billet is running within the furnace, it will often run the mileage wall, in order to solve this problem, the groove is designed on the furnace, and there is a certain number of dial doors on the side wall, and corrected by manual. The furnace temperature system is formulated according to the requirements of the heated steel, generally a heated section of the furnace temperature of 30 to 50 ° C, the heating section is 1200 to 1300 ° C, the preheating section is 800 to 1000 ° C. The pressure in the oblique bottom furnace is more difficult to control. Since the tail is large, it is necessary to maintain a certain positive pressure of the heating section, and the furnace will smoke because the furnace is too high. Therefore, under the conditions of minimizing the tail pressure, the steel port flame burner causes a local positive pressure to suppress the steel.