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Self-control principle of the heat storage combustion system

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The gas burner is a combustion device that continuously feeds the fuel to the air into the furnace, reasonably tissue pulverized gas stream, and makes it good, and quickly and stably in a combustion device that combines fire and combustion. Let's see the principle of self-control of the zinc pot heat storage combustion system
	Self-control principle of the heat storage combustion system

Self-control principle of the heat storage combustion system of zinc pot
The zinc pot heating furnace control system is made of Siemens S7-200 PLC as the master, with manual / automatic switching function, meets various operational needs, achieving temperature / air-fuel ratio combustion, achieving safe operation. The safety control of temperature, pressure in the system can be realized in the system, and safety control of combustion. The burner detection point and control point all enters the chain of the programmable controller, the gas solenoid valve, and the fan between the control box, the chain between the fast-cut valve and the fan, the on-site gas main pressure signal, according to each Temperature zone temperature feedback signal to adjust the opening of the valve. 1 Burning temperature control The heating furnace is provided with four temperature control points, and the temperature signal of each temperature zone is fed back to the PLC comparison and operation, and output signals to the air electric adjustment valve, and output pressure Control the opening degree of the air-fuel proportional valve, thereby achieving temperature-air-fuel ratio combustion; a thermocouple is provided in front of the flue wind turbine to detect flue gas temperature. 2 The high temperature flue gas generated in the heating furnace is finally discharged from the chimney. The chimney tube is provided with a microstallometer, a pressure display table, a trigger and a macrofer. The pressure in the heating furnace should generally be 200 ~ 1000Pa negative pressure, when the pressure is too high or too low. The programmable controller will run the inverter a high-speed or low speed to meet the requirements. 3 Burning Safety Control 3.1 Fan Chain System: When the blower, the air blower suddenly fails or the gas transfer is too low, and the gas is automatically turned off automatically shuts down the gas quickly cut off the valve, the system and sound alarm. 3.2 Flame Safety Combustion System: Flame Detector and Gas Burner Front Solenoid Chain, when the flame detecting device does not detect the flame, and then alarm; during the burning process; Off, the shuttle valve will immediately turn off to ensure system security work.