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Transformation of low nitrogen oxide emissions can be less t

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Generally, we have a common boiler burner gas boiler burners, boilers, oil burners, biomass boiler burner, then the low-nitrogen can transform nitrogen oxide emissions below 30 mg
	Transformation of low nitrogen oxide emissions can be less t

Transformation of low nitrogen oxide emissions can be less than 30 mg of nitrogen
Recently, the meaning of our Customer Advisory boiler low nitrogen transformation? Our technical staff are given the answers to this question. To see why low-nitrogen burners transformation, what is the point of low-nitrogen transformation, we first understand some basic things, which have to mention nitrogen oxides. First, the first thing we talk about nitrogen oxides. Compound is defined by the nitrogen, oxygen, two elements of nitrogen oxides. Common nitrogen oxides have dinitrogen pentoxide (of N2O5), nitrogen dioxide (of NO2, red-brown), nitric oxide (NO, colorless), nitrous oxide (N2O) and the like, wherein the dinitrogen pentoxide in addition to normal under a solid, the other were tested under normal gaseous nitrogen oxides. As the air pollutant nitrogen oxides (NOx) often refers to NO and NO2. Nitrogen oxides harmful nitrogen oxides can irritate the lungs and makes breathing difficult to resist diseases like colds, respiratory system problems, such as asthma, they will be more susceptible to the impact of nitrogen dioxide. Second, a low nitrogen transformation mode, low nitrogen replacement burner (premix, external circulation flue gas) burner multiple choice, match the appropriate model for you, safe and efficient energy. 2, replacement of the boiler (condensing boiler, gas boiler Three-pass low-NOx combustion head +) choose the right boiler equipment to meet emission requirements within 80mg or 30mg. Third, a variety of low nitrogen burner modifications may encounter one, if not the boiler room scene early exploration, post construction equipment gate will encounter difficulties, inaccurate cost estimates, construction more difficult and so on. 2, is necessary to learn more about the internal structure and dimensions of the boiler furnace, in order to accurately select the proper combustor, after installation to avoid not detecting the occurrence of Status. 3, the measurement requires precise dimensions of the burner, the burner in order to ensure the perfect combination boiler. 4, be sure to choose a fully qualified, post service in place of the company; otherwise the service can not be guaranteed. Really want to solve the problem of energy conservation, companies need to structure the boiler and burner design into account, fully integrated use only the most professional and perfect. We are committed to providing customers with the most environmentally friendly, most economical, low-nitrogen transformation plan optimal performance, timely delivery and low NOx combustion boiler!