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Riello burner to choose varieties based on the gas, the gas

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Many applications of industrial burners can be used in urban heating, food drying and other industrial furnace, with the view of Riello burner to be based on fuel type, gas pressure selection
	Riello burner to choose varieties based on the gas, the gas

Riello burner to choose varieties based on the gas, the gas pressure
Riello burner to be based on fuel type, gas pressure extensive selection of Riello burner target groups, but the selection of suitable burners is that most people are confused by contrast work. Changsha Broad compiled some thermal technology for burner selection way, expect to help friends .1 demand for automated user selection of fuel in the future, should be based on a demand from the economic capacity and equipment selection nozzle (burner) or use automatic burner. typically is concerned, the choice of nozzle (burner) low cost, but the problem is difficult to guarantee security; the choice of automatic burner higher cost, but without equipment from a fan and control system, convenient operation, high precision temperature control, security Guaranteed. 2, based on furnace temperature, pressure (pressure within the furnace) is selected from a burner set, since it has to illustrate the manufacturer of a device attributed to what kind of equipment, the furnace temperature is probably high, the furnace is still a negative pressure, about how high the pressure. Since the furnace temperature is not the same, the configuration of the burner is not the same, the choice of materials is not the same; positive selection furnace burners to overcome the higher pressure, furnace pressure chosen to overcome the lower pressure burners. 3, the primary fuels for a user to determine from what used fuel. Based on a self-chosen selection of fuel burners. For example, the choice of fuel is diesel fuel burner; a fuel gas burner of a gas selected. 4, according to the geographical selection. Is not the same area demand for burners are not the same. Such as the northeast, the burner control system requirements low temperature; oil field in Xinjiang region, but also the needs of high-temperature control system, but also low temperature; low-pressure plateau region, this standard burner output does not work, to think about this factor when choosing . 5, according to Riello burner gas species, gas pressure because gas selected varieties, large calorific value difference, so that some of the gas burner can burn this type of gas, such as liquefied natural gas burner can not burn or gas; same , gas burners can not burn natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. A high BTU gas burner with low BTU gas burner not output; conversely, low calorie high BTU gas burner with easy to attack incomplete burning or blasting accident. Have a habit of self-burner gas pressure scale, such as the pressure within the gas pressure is not planning scale is burning, you can not use. Gas pressure exceeds the pressure scale planning burner, easy to attack risk; burner gas pressure is lower than the pressure scale planning, the burner output can not. If a region of Shanxi imported boiler dozen, by the way of the burner is a gas burner, the pressure 15Kpa, and the gas pressure in the region as long as 3-4 Kpa, foreign burner can not use.